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Do You Want To Have An

Corporate or Private Party MC / Emcee

Why Hire An MC / Emcee For Your Event?


The current MC / Emcee is so much more than just a funny guy or girl with a microphone. An MC / Emcee will ensure the right kind of atmosphere for your unique event.


MC / Emcee’s work with the photographers, event planners, venue staff, decorators, videographers family, & friends to keep your event running smoothly and on time.


MC / Emcee’s seamlessly move your guests from one activity to another. From the Introduction, to Dinner, to Introducing the speeches to helping with awards, to Games, Icebreakers, or Teambuilding Activities so on – all the while keeping the guests entertained and full of smiles.


Hiring A Professional MC / Emcee vs. A Friend Or Family Member.


A professional will chat with you before your big day to learn about you, your guests and your event visions and ideas. A professional MC / Emcee becomes an honorary employee, family member, or close friend for the duration of the event to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.


The MC / Emcee role is nowhere near as easy as professionals make it seem. It takes expertise to think on your feet. It takes experience to know the right things to say, how to move guests around the venue, how to keep segments running to time and how to smooth over unexpected problems. Even learning how to hold the microphone correctly takes training! We believe that all of your guests should be enjoying the event with you – there shouldn’t be one running around stressed out trying to MC / Emcee.


Being an MC / Emcee is nerve-wracking and piles the pressure on your employee, friend, or family member. Sometimes Alcohol may take over, and you find your employee, friend, or family member telling awkward or rambling stories with or without the alcohol. If they are a good public speaker with an outgoing personality, get them to make a speech. They’ll love the limelight and then party on. Don’t burden them with time-consuming MC / Emcee tasks.


Corporate or Private MC / Emcee Package

This Package Is Perfect If You Need An MC for Your Corporate Or Private Event. Included In This Package:

  • Phone, Email, Text, & Face To Face Consultation & Support Thru The Booking & Planning Process

  • Online Planning Guide To Plan Your Timeline, Event Information, Speeches, Icebreakers or Games, Awards, Special Dances, & Music Requests for the Dancing Portion Of The Evening

  • Wireless Handheld Microphone For Your Speeches And For Your MC/Emcee To Use

  • Communicate & Coordinate with your Venue, Vendors, Family, & Friends for a smooth Event

  • Opening the event by welcoming the guests, introducing myself, announcing the venues housekeeping rules, and communicating a list of events for the evening

  • Formally introducing guests of honor into the Reception

  • Introducing the person who will say the blessing or grace prior to serving the main meal or doing it myself if required

  • Organizing and calling out tables for dinner either regularly or with the help of fun and games

  • Introducing each of the speakers before they give their speech or toast

  • Conducting any Icebreakers or Games if needed

  • Announcing the desert and late night snack portions of the evening

  • Officially ending the event, thanking the guests for attending, and wishing them a safe trip home

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