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Awesome Nightclubs And Bars

James  T

I began my DJ Career In Nightclubs and Bars in the '90s. I was mostly in the Suburbs but did venture out to the City now and then. While I did a few one-offs, most of my time at these establishments were long residencies. In my entire run, I always was known by one name James T.

As times changed, I also adapted to the industry and added both MC and Video DJ headlines to my DJ Career. My MC title found me always having fun, playing games, and giving away alcohol and prizes. It sometimes got a little crazy, but that is what has people, to this day, walking up to me in public saying, "Oh man, I remember the night you had me on the floor doing ______ for my Birthday."

Becoming a Video DJ opened HUGE doors for me. It allowed me to travel the world and enter a small fraternity of Worldwide Video DJs. Like the MC thing, it gave me another Visual component to my DJ skills to mix and mash music videos together on a screen as most DJs would do with music. Most people compare it to the Much Music Video Dance Parties of the past.

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